Black Cat - by: Anna Conda
Starting Point

Shlepping yourself home at the end of a very, very long day, you notice a dark shape sitting next to a corner of your house. As you approach, you see it is a cat.

You look a little more closely. The black hair, once no doubt long and satiny, is now all in mats from much time on his own. It is missing in spots and you can see marks of bite wounds here and there. The tail is crooked as if it had been broken. The cat is sitting with his back to you, and when you call out, only an ear moves, to swivel in your direction and listen.

What do you do?

Approach the cat and see if it is friendly.

Leave right away! The wretched thing probably has mange and worms, not to mention rabies!

Go inside and call animal control and have them come take the mangy thing away before it infects the neighborhood with fleas.

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Inspired by the Interactive Fiction Genre of Choose Your Own Adventure Books.